40 Seater Party Bus

Hop on board and let the good times roll on our world-class 40 Seater Party Bus.

Bringing the vibes

On board toilet

No need for pit stops on your voyage to a great time!

bar counter

Be sure to bring your best mixologist friend on the ride 😉

LED Disco Lighting

Hit the strobe lights and show off your moves on your way to your destination.

Party Bus Bluetooth Music System

Play that funky music all night long with our on board Bluetooth Party Bus Music System.



General Info

Our starting rates for a 6/hour hire is R11500 and R1500 per hour from then on.

40 passengers can board this Party Bus.

As long as we keep to YOUR schedule, we’ll do whatever it takes to make your trip as enjoyable as possible.


Bookings & Tickets

Bookings are secured once a formal quote has been issued and a minimum 50% deposit is received.

We run 24/7 – whenever you need us! First come, first serve. Please try booking in advance to secure your spot.

Please contact our sales department: sales@jozivibes.co.za

We are based in Johannesburg but we bring the vibes nationawide!

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Further Information

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